nail studio & training academy

Georginas Nail Studio is now OPEN in Woodley with Full PPE protection against COVID 19.

Appointments are available from June 15th onwards.

There are of course guidelines for me and you. Scroll down to see how it works.


Georginas Nail Studio has moved and is now based at home with parking outside and a downstairs studio at the front of the house. At this time we must be vigilant so UNLIKE highstreet nailbars only ONE client is allowed at a time. The Nailbar has a fully protective Perspex Screen hanging down from the ceiling with a gap at the bottom to fit your hands underneath... neat huh!

Upon arrival you will be provided with a facemask and asked to wash your hands with antibac soap and then double up with hand sanitiser. I will also be wearing a mask behind the screen and gloves which are changed between each client. You will also be allocated your own files that will not be used on anybody else and stored away ready for your next visit.

All tools are sterilised as usual with Barbicide which is a Hospital Grade Antiviral Sterilising Solution and all surfaces cleaned with Antiviral Spray between each client.

*Please note if you have been experiencing COVID 19 symptoms then you must stay at home in isolation. Any client arriving to the the studio with Cold or Flu like symptoms will be asked to leave and rebook their appointment when they are feeling better.

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