Gel Polish

Are you tired of your manicure smudging before you have even left the salon or your perfectly painted talons chipping within a few days? Well here is the answer! Gel polish is applied like a normal nail polish but then cured in a UV lamp delivering 14+ days of flawless wear, superior colour and mirror shine with zero dry time and no nail damage. What could be better?


Gel Polish

Your nails are shaped and your cuticles are tidied before a nourishing basecoat is applied and colour of your choice followed by an ultra glossy topcoat, cuticle oil and hydrating lotion. Choose your colour from a great selection of SHELLAC® and GELISH® brands.


1 Colour £20
French £25
Removal £5


1 Colour £25
French £30

BRISA LITE® Smoothing Gel

A layer of strengthening gel is applied to your natural nail before the gel polish for added strength, longevity of wear and to perfect and smooth out unsightly ridges £5


Old Gel Polish is safely Soaked off £5
Removal with Nail Treatment£10